Why Edward Wrote (and why maybe we do, too)

Here’s Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford.

Suspectedly the real author of Shakespeare’s works. In dialogue with his wife, Anne. Below dialogues were taken from the movie ‘Anonymous’.

Anne                      : (sobs) Why must you write?

Edward de Vere     : The voices, Anne. The voices, I can’t stop them.

They come to me.

When I sleep,  when I wake, when I sup. When I walk down the hall.
The sweet longing of a maiden,
the surging ambitions of a courtier,
the designs of a murderer,
the pleas of his victims.

Only when I put their words, their voices, into parchment, are they cast loose, freed.

Only then my mind is quieted. At peace.

I would go mad if I didn’t write down the voices.

“Are you… possessed?”

“Maybe I am.”


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