Of Schizophrenic

There were more than 10 person in that room.

They gathered, seated on the floor, forming a circle.
All of their eyes was fixed upon one person,
whose countenance was the fiercest in the room.

His lips, which was embroidered with black thick mustache on the upper, then opened up:

“You,” he said while pointing on one of them with the gesture of up-righting his chin.
“Cite the first 10 things that come up in your mind.”

The girl chosen then enunciate 10 words.
That represent things. Physical things.
Halted a bit in the process, due to her thinking what else to be said.
But else, nothing distinguishable.

The man nodded a little.
“Still sane.”

As their eyes widen in curiosity, wondering what might his intention be,
he continued,

“There has been a study, using the very method I’m testing you just now.

It is said, that the way you answer that question determines your mental condition.

Normal person tend to enunciate things that somehow classifiable.

Like you, you’re still normal, fortunately.

(laughters all around)

Whilst, there are persons who enunciate things that are random, unclassifiable, and between which there is no correlation at all.

Such fashion somehow indicates
that the person most likely is suffering from schizophrenia.”







…Somewhere in that room, beneath the not startled countenances of them all,
an individual renders to be agitated.
Dare not at all
question herself the very same question the man stated



Though the idea
tickled her a little





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