(Dream) Of Car Crash and Cannibalism

January 27th, 2014

We got on taxi. The driver told my brother to just close the door slowly. (Don’t bang it, he said).

Ends up, it won’t shut properly. I tested it by kicking it open, and it opened easily! I protested at the taxi driver. He look back at us and replied in Thai, but I understand he was saying something like ‘I like it this way’.

Right there and then, the car crashed into something like stone pillar. It crashed right in the middle of the front mirror. The driver and the other person in the front seat (apparently there is), kept on looking back at us, as if not disturbed. As if they intend to do this. And we watch it coming towards in slow mo. The stone pillars and shards of glasses and everything flying around. Everything’s in slow mo. Just like an excerpt from horrific surreal movie.

My brother yelled at my ear, “…get out!” and pushed me aside to the left door.

We move at normal speed. Everything’s still in slow mo.

We pulled over on a highway. We climbed through certain cemented wall separator, as you usually see in construction places. In order to get out. Of here.

Things changed.

Behind that cemented wall separator, lies bunch of creatures whose races and shapes I couldn’t recall. They were something from rat family, though the species varies. They were sort of gathering for some sort informal social chatter.

And I’m one of them.

[I saw the following in the first-person perspective:]
I’m a green-stripped white hamster. And there are other white hamsters, too. One pink-stripped, and other in brown stripes.

There’s this all-brown hamster whose shape differs from us (I felt that we’re all similar, except in colours and size). His (or her?) front teeth were unusually long. We are all had long and big pair of front teeth, but hers  are shaped like two long claws. The length almost exceeded her own height and they seemed to be made of iron (they shone sterling gray, ours were white). She got herself closer to me bit by bit.

And she kissed me.

(Yes, I turned into male).

(How exactly does rat kiss? Mine’s closer to pressing-teeth-against-each-other’s than to kissing)

I went all ‘yuckkk!’. It was forced. She was not the girl that I like either.

Then I turned to this pink hamster that’s been watching me for awhile. She’s much bigger than me in size, I’m aware.

[I switched to third-person perspective, witnessing the following:]

The green hamster gets closer and closer to the pink one. The green hamster’s so diminutive in stature. Its size was perhaps only twice the size pink hamster’s eye. Eventually, they kissed.

The green hamster’s so small that this incident happens:
the green hamster disappeared. Accidentally gulped by the pink hamster. But I know it somehow,

that he was happy.


09.30 AM
on bus, halfway on our way to Udon Thani

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