A Lesson from Samsa

Franz Kafka - The Metamorphosis(not at all a fancy cover. But no, don’t judge it yet)

This revives something I’ve always been experiencing all this time.

A thing I’ve been trying to bury lately, because it decayed me gradually.
It pains me so.
But Gregor Samsa teached me to embrace it all the more gracefully,
beautiful as it should’ve been.
Why didn’t I shift the lens I’m looking through? As a dear friend recently suggested.
Why should I be afraid of it?
Of the idea, that… for some amount of time my presence is needed,
but the next second my presence turns into plague for everyone around me
everyone that matters to me,
that there’s nothing left for me to do
other than step back cautiously,
stand still and let myself evaporates into the air?
Leaving nothing but memory
to those person who didn’t a wee bit realised
how much they’re changed by the momentary plague?
Thus, ‘metamorphosis’ doesn’t stand for my presence,
but for the state those whom I love are transformed into.

I shall now cry in liberating joy, no more in painful hollow.



2 thoughts on “A Lesson from Samsa

  1. Just finished Metamorphosis, but not the other story. I find this interesting, but i think kafka was trying to say that people are people, and wasn’t meant to change. It was us that getting tired of them, thus seeing ourselves transform as being a plague before we ended up realizing our stupidity. Delightful.

    wait, are you saying the same?

    another note, i find it enjoyable to imagine myself as human size cockroach. It’s transcendental (idk what this means, actually)

    • Nope, rather the opposite, I reckon.
      Hadn’t I just emphasized the dynamism of human being?
      I haven’t read Kafka much enough to decipher what it is he’s trying to say, though.
      I just find it fascinatingly reflective. Just like all my readings, they peculiarly resembles my current struggle. My reading lists works oddly like a canon :p

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