Salmons’ life follows a very specific purpose.

They are born near the river source,
Where their journey once starts and will too end.
They fed and fed and fed until they are grown,
Big enough and strong enough for their voyage to the sea.
Thus they swim freely, carried by the stream,
Out to the open sea.

There, they take into them all the goods things the sea can offer.,
The salt, the minerals, the sun!
Until they are tough and fertile enough,
To pursue their journey back home,
To the river they once belonged.

Against the streams they swim,
Upon the cascades they jump,
To the uphill they direct all their energy!
The longer stops they take the weaker they will be.

So they swam, swam, and swam
Until they reach the river where they were once born onto.
This time, they give offerings to the river
The females their womb and the male their sperms
Intricated, united by the water.

Done with giving ways to new lifes, they give up theirs
The purpose’s all done
Muscles are all strained, vivacity’s all drained
Their bodies floating down the river

Some end up in between the fangs of grizzly bears
Some find their way clamped by the beaks of the birds
Some are stranded on the river banks,
and stay that way for days and days and days
Until they have become one with the soil,
letting the goods from the sea immersed to the trees,
urging the greens grow taller than ever.


I think they led a very noble life.


2 thoughts on “SALMON

  1. swam, swam, swam, and ended up here. Delicious blog!
    Bite me but i think its kinda sarcastic to put naive idealism as an noble act.
    If a salmon could think before jumping into the fang, it would say ‘not again’
    Trust me, I speak Salmonesse.

    • Oh you cynical lad.
      That’s just me being stark clear on my expectations. Pardon me being naive, but I just don’t see the point of adding up more black humor to this sarcasm-induced society.
      So come, let me bite you nice and slow on the shoulder.

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