In many aspects of myself, I’m a first time learner.
But in this single regard, I refuse to be a naivete. Especially because it involves sentiments.

You know how young girls’ head are filled with the sparkly, blooming ideas of how their life are prepared for someone special that would take them by the hand and love them no matter their conditions are?
You know how beautiful ladies are convinced that they are indeed beautiful by the increasing numbers of men who either ask them out, text them consistently, pouring out attentions, or giving bouquets/chocolates/or any not-so-conventional offerings with jaw-dropping values?

I am a girl in the beginning of adulthood and I refused to fall into the same trap.
I never considered myself unattractive but I definitely not one of those lassies who would make heads turn when she passes accross the street.
But the numbers of the men are increasing and I frankly am suprised.
Then I remember…
We humans are nothing but thinking beasts, right. To hell with sacred monogamy concept that this thousand years-old civilization has sculpted into our heads.
It has nothing to do with how physically attractive the women are.
Or how beauty, brain, and behaviour translates into gentlemen courting.
This phenomenon is simply born out of general equation that male beasts are drawn to sexually active females to lay their sperms into.
It is a curtsey to adulthood, an encounter women of early 20s prone to experience.

But this frightens me not, no. I don’t take this as a gender-related threat.

As a dear friend kindly identify, I’m an adrenaline junkie.
Despite my consistent wailing on how unhappy I am with all sorts of trouble imposed on me, I like taking things to the extremes. I would love to play along.

Oh, is this proclivity to outwit men shall not be exclaimed loudly?
Is this supposed to be a secret?
Perhaps, perhaps. But I choose not to make it into one.

That’s why I’m calling this a fair play.


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