You Better Work, Girl.

One’s own uniqueness need no affirmations.

Born out of chains of exclusively mixed genes of two different entities, one is unique in one’s own.

But hope not for other people to recognize it. Or give you trophy of appreciation for that.

Among thousands of unique individuals, your name is just another unique combinations of a pair of eyes, ears, a piece of mouth, nose, & tounge.


Your name is a conclusive concept.


Why then, would we care to remember your concept
& risk spending our limited memories on that?

You have to be a very special concept.
Elaborate, branching out, horizontally- vertically complex, & most of all, understandable.


It is thus your duty to make yourself understandable. It is your inherent duty to understand yourself.

Once you understand yourself, you could create presentation suitable for the concepts you carry.


Once your presentation echoes your substance, you are intact.

You are a work of Art.

You are a Beauty in yourself.


But beauties are ephemeral. It is never meant to last. For its fleeting nature is also what makes it a beauty. And humans are dynamic.

You are ever-changing. That makes you beautiful.


There’s more to convincing people that your name worths their memory.
That is, to make good use of the concepts you carry.
To make yourself useful.


Thus you touch other people’s life.
You fill in their gaps. For no humans are perfect.
There has to be holes somewhere, waiting to be intact.


You do this through work.
The work you-in-this-very-minute do & the work the-next-minute-you do will be different.

Just because, you are ever changing.


Thus you work,

to make concepts inherently entrusted to you come to be useful.

You work,
to honour the ever-changing you.


A salutary to Eternity,
you work to honour your Beauty.


That is,



& Exclusively,


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